Update 1.0.1 is LIVE.

v1.0.1 Art Update

Art Enhancements:

  • Platform Textures
  • UI HUD Shields Holographic Frame Fix
  • Unique Vorid Wizard Attack
  • Unique Vorid Wizard Death
  • New Vorid Wizard Projectile
  • New Vorid Drone Projectile
  • Enhanced Vorid Drone Death
  • New Vorid Fighter Projectile
  • Terminals Now Support Unique Login and Logout Graphics
  • Terminal Button Hints
  • Enhanced Extra-Wide Header Art

The first update is live! It features about a third of the art enhancements I want to get in for Episode 1 before really digging into Episode 2. Over the span of development for the entire 11-episode Campaign, ‘The Frozen Star’, I will be constantly enhancing stuff all throughout.

It’s been a busy month with the new baby, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. In February, I will continue the art enhancements as well as begin the planning and layout for Episode 2!

Apple still hasn’t put a tile for the game anywhere on the Apple TV App Store, so you will have to Search it (also here is the link for browsers). No other console does this– they all have an objective feed of the latest games, but everything in the Apple TV App Store is curated. Essentially, all of it is an ‘Editor’s Pick’. To be honest, this hasn’t been great– basically the game is selling by word of mouth alone right now, which is slowing the possible efforts we could be making at continued development. However it is selling every day worldwide, even on the Apple TV ‘underground’! Be sure to leave a 5-star rating to help get Apple’s attention and spread the word to any Apple TV enthusiasts looking for a fun fast-paced sci-fi shooter!

More to come! As always, check the Roadmap for the latest info on works-in-progress.

In more good news, SiniScope Gaming has featured VAST in the Top 3 Shooters on Apple TV of All Time. This is just after VAST scored ‘BEST FPS’ by ATVG! See all of the game’s press and awards here!

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