VAST™ is an award-winning sci-fi action-adventure first person shooter by Xander Davis and published by Astrogun about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters in way over their heads!  VAST™ has launched first as a timed-exclusive on AppleTV 4K and continues to expand with free updates and new episodes!

Adrenaline Action!

As the entrusted sentinel of the best cosmic treasure hunters around, fight against the evil Vorid Horde in fast-paced shooter action!

Grab Cosmic Treasure!

The BEST sci-fi action first-person-shooter for all ages & exclusive to Apple TV 4K! Adventure awaits you this Christmas!

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GOLDEN SOLAR SAILS — Getting the ship in ship-shape for VAST on #AppleTV in the next art update! #madewithunity #fridayfeeling — #indiedev #gamedev #gamedevelopment #unity3d

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New Behind the Scenes Images of the Making of VAST!

I’ve updated my portfolio site with new behind the scenes images of the making of VAST! Check it out here:

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A Note on Apple TV 4 vs 4K

A quick note about VAST on Apple TV 4 versus Apple TV 4K. Over the Summer of 2017, I developed most of VAST’s core gameplay systems and prototype level on the Apple TV 4 (which came out in 2015), operating on the bet that ATV4K would be announced in October 2017 and would be slightly […]

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