VAST™ is an award-winning sci-fi action-adventure first person shooter by Xander Davis and published by Astrogun, about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters in way over their heads!  VAST™ launches exclusively on AppleTV 4K Christmas 2017!

Adrenaline Action!

As the entrusted sentinel of the best cosmic treasure hunters around, fight against the evil Vorid Horde in fast-paced shooter action!

Grab Cosmic Treasure!

The BEST sci-fi action first-person-shooter for all ages & exclusive to Apple TV 4K! Adventure awaits you this Christmas!

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Production Baby & Production Resumes!

Well it’s been a busy end of December and start of the New Year with the launch of the game and the birth of my firstborn and first son, Grant Davis! My wife and I are so happy, and we are so thankful to all those who bought the game this past Christmas season! We […]

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VAST™ Has Launched Exclusively on Apple TV!

VAST™ HAS LAUNCHED EXCLUSIVELY ON APPLE TV! December 13, 2017 — ASTROGUN — VAST™ has launched as a timed-exclusive on Apple TV on December 13th, 2017 in the tvOS App Store Worldwide! The game works on Apple TV 4 (2015) and plays best on the brand new Apple TV 4K (2017) in glorious 4K resolution and buttery-smooth […]

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VAST™ is available NOW to enjoy for Christmas 2017 in the tvOS App Store Exclusively for Apple TV 4K!

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